Zanasi Z640

The Z640PLUS e-JET system is an exclusive ultra-high definition encoder, equipped with a stand-alone console capable of driving up to two print  heads simultaneously for total customization of secondary and primary packaging in real time.​


  • The innovative print heads, available in the Graph e-JET 102 versions , with a working range up to 102 mm (4 ″) , and Graph e-JET 50 , with a working range up to 51 mm (2 ″) , allow the printer to return excellent print results. Furthermore, they are the only ones to be equipped with a completely inspectable and repairable stainless steel nozzle plate.​
  • The advanced technology of the Graph e-JET heads and the wide range of inks make Z640PLUS e-JET suitable for the printing of extremely defined alphanumeric texts and logos , as well as perfectly traceable, legible and compliant bar codes conforming to GS1 standards , on porous and non-porous surfaces. In addition to the traditional high contrast pigmented fluids , it is compatible with UV curable inks with immediate drying and high resistance , ideal for coding on non-absorbent substrates.​
  • For applications that require UV inks, Z640PLUS e-JET has a special accessory: the Z-CURE UV lamp with compact LED design, which through the emission of ultraviolet light ensures instant fixing of the message to the surface. The management of the UV lamp and the entire printing process is entrusted to the industrial computer integrated in the console, consisting of a fast and responsive user interface with a 12.1 ″ SVGA color touch-screen display, SSD Hard Disk, and Windows® 10 ‘IoT’ Enterprise operating system.


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