Labels for all purposes: Cost-effective, versatile, durable

Moniväriset painetut etiketit. Multi-Colour printed labels.

Multi-colour printed labels

  • High-quality labels will enhance your product. Meticulously produced to your design and specifications. Label dispensers apply the labels automatically and consistently.
Esipainetut etiketit. Pre-printed labels.

Pre-printed labels

  • Many sectors of industry require labels with frequently changing text. The labels are pre-printed in colour and the variable data are printed on site, “just in time” without a problem, using label printers or print dispensing systems.
Blankot etiketit. Blank Stock Labels.

Blank Stock labels

  • These are the basic label stocks used for marking in all sectors to ensure traceability and documentation of products and packaging. Blank labels are subsequently marked using the thermal direct or thermal transfer process.