Inkjet printers

Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) coding is ideal when speed and legibility of characters are important for applying variable dates directly at the production line.

Thermal inkjet printers (technically also: thermal inkjet coders) print particularly economically, yet fast and accurate.

Innovation in customer service. One solution: image, traceability, environmental and economy. The main feature of Zanasi high definition systems is their modular structure. They can be integrated in any production line. Easy to use, they deliver a uniquely competitive cost-per-print coding solution for any production line.

Italian quality and reliability in performance, thirty-year experience and innovation make Zanasi large character systems become the conventional coding solution. The well-established solenoids technology allows you to maintain the production standards. It prints perfectly on: porous and non-porous substrates of cartons, boxes, packages or products like sacks, panels, tubes, pallets, tanks and barrels.

Adding machine vision technologies to your industrial printing process provides high-level return on investment.