X4JET plus

The intuitive input unit of the new high performance Markoprint X4JET plus Touch inkjet printer is a boost to operator convenience. All system parameters can be entered easily and quickly, to be stored and called up later.



Markoprint X4JET plus Touch is an intelligent high-speed control system for demanding marking applications. Four printing technologies can be controlled simultaneously, printing 3 to 400 mm high fonts and barcodes, as required. This new, compact solution enables printing on both sides of primary as well as secondary packaging and on one or two independent production lines.

  • Easily operate the control system thanks to its touch surface
  • Function keys and standard keypad to enable parallel operation
  • Networking made possible with the help of TCP/IP, EIA232 and USB
  • Print on up to two lines of production
  • Mark primary and secondary packages at the same time with the help of a controller