EnviOn Log Marking Colour

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  • EnviOn is a Finnish company producing colours for marking logs with forest machines. One of the most important values for Envion is to be environmental friendly, which is achieved by proper selection of packaging, avoiding hazardous waste and by efficient use of chemicals in production process. Our customers achieve a significant cost advantage thanks to our high-quality products, which are effective even under demanding conditions

The advantages of EnviOn marking colours are following:

  • EnviOn marking does not lose it features by time or in different conditions, which enables you to order larger quantities at once. This reduces transportation costs.
  • Colours are clearly visible thanks to good colour intensity. Marked logs stand out even in the rain or darkness avoiding unnecessary movement of forest machine and improving the work efficiency.
  • Synthetic colours are 100% biodegradable making them environmentally friendly.
  • EnviOn colour includes best available anti-corrosion agents and its lubrication properties are of high standard. Marking systems remains in working conditions without costly and time-consuming maintenance work.
  • Our synthetic colours are UV-protected and stay visible even in sunshine.
  • Marking colour is made of ethyleneglycol, which lubricates pipes and tanks efficiently. Ethyleneglycol is dangerous only if swallowed.
  • Marking colour freezes only below -30°C.

Package size: 3-litre bag, 10-litre container, 1000-litre IBC tank

Colours: Blue and red.

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blue, red

Package size

3-litre bag, 10-litre container, 200-litre drum, 1,000-litre IBC tank