Markoprint Integra PP 108

We proudly present the first Markoprint inkjet printer with SEIKO printing technology. Markoprint Integra PP 108 has a circulating ink system. It automatically removes air from the nozzle rows to ensure durable, clean print images. The system is level independent which means that the ink tank can be installed above, below, or at the same height as the print head without any problems. The new SEIKO printhead has a print height of 108 mm and achieves a remarkable speed of up to 150 meters per minute (with a high resolution of 360 dpi).


Your benefits with Markoprint Integra PP 108:

  • No air pockets in the nozzle rows
  • High resolution of up to 360 dpi vertical
  • High printing speed of up to 150 m / min (at 360 dpi)
  • Prints small fonts from 1 mm as well as high-resolution graphics and logos
  • Prints grayscale
  • Easy start-up and airing of the ink system
  • Internal ink tank with large ink supply
  • Printing height of up to 108 mm without offset
  • Pigmented MOF oil ink (mineral oil-free): ideal for printing on absorbent surfaces in the food industry
  • Bicolor printing (red and black) with just one print head


Download brochure (PDF)