alphaJET evo

The alphaJET evo continuous inkjet gives you the option to print up to 8 lines of sharp text, barcodes, 2D codes and logos, in even the most demanding environments. alphaJET printers are easy to integrate with production equipment thanks to the the G-PRINT universal interface protocol.


Main features of alphaJET evo:

  • Stainless steel housing with IP65 rating
  • Consistent print quality on almost any substrate
  • 48 pixels, 1-8 lines of print
  • Options for standard, coloured and process inks
  • Heated print head
  • Removable control screen for easy integration in tight spaces
  • Available with 55 micron or 70 micron print head
  • Print bar codes and 2D data matrix codes


Download brochure (PDF)